Pacific Scientific 6410 Stepper Driver Repaired by ERD with a 3 Year Warranty

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Danaher Motion’s Pacific Scientific 6410 converts step and direction inputs into motor winding currents to control a two phase stepper motor. Principal features include microstepping and mid-band instability compensation for high resolution and smooth operation through both the low speed and midband resonance regions. The output current of the 6410 is DIP switch selectable from 5A RMS (7.1 A PEAK in microstep mode) to 0.625 A RMS (0.88 A PEAK in microstep mode). The drive supplies regulated phase currents for supply voltages between 24 and 75 VDC. It is designed for use with Danaher Motion’s line of hybrid stepping motors and will work with either the standard line or the enhanced performance line.

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